Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas orders

I didn't blog much during the holidays because I was busy with my Christmas commission work, and I didn't want to post them here and spoil the surprise. This year I mostly did dog portraits, which is a nice change.
Here are all the portraits I did last month:

(I'm not sure why the pictures look so washed out here. But if you want to see them better you can go to my official site.)

Simon Peter - 9x12" - Colored Pencils

Henry - 8x10" - Colored Pencils

Chan Xiu - 16x20" - Colored Pencils (I need to find a better picture of this one. A bit blurry for me)

No-Be-No - 5x7" - Colored Pencil

Wilfie - 8x10" - Colored Pencils

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